Making the right Corporate Impression

Making the right Corporate Impression

When it comes to first impressions, you only get one chance to create the perfect first impression, so its important to make sure that it’s the right one, follow these 7 simple steps that will have people meeting you, liking you and most importantly, wanting to do business with you.

Walk into a room with your head held high and confidence in tact, this will come across clearly in your posture. Shake hands firmly and look into the other persons eyes when introducing yourself. If someone is coming to collect you from a waiting room, remain standing whilst you wait, no matter how appealing the sofa may look.

Look the part
Are your shows polished and has your hair been brushed, it may sound like a minor detail, but potential customers will look for this. The state of your appearance and dress code could make the difference between winning a contract , or not. If you can check yourself in the mirror just before greeting, its one of the safest ways to avoid sitting through a vitally important meeting with cappuccino froth on your lips. From your outfit, your posture to using a chauffeur driven car.

Good design speaks volumes
Ensure that your personal image is reflected in your professional image. Do you have a memorable logo, a logo to appear on business cards, your website and other promotional materials. Company design can make you stand out and its worth paying a professional to get it right.

Take an interest in the other person
Creating a good impression is about listening to the other persons, as much as it is telling them about you. Ask questions about them, their business, hobbies, life and in turn, they’ll take a deeper interest in yours. It’s also through asking questions that you’ll find common points of connection.

Be clear on the offer
When asked to describe your business, product or offering, make sure that you’re clear and concise. Perfect your elevator pitch. This is the description of the business that can be said in less that 15 seconds.

Give and take
When heading into a meeting or networking event, of course you want to get something out of the experience but be prepared to give a little as well. If you’re meeting with a potential client and would like their business, give something in return, whether that be your free expert opinion or making a virtual introduction.

Follow up
Back in the office, its time to follow up on the actions you agreed, be prompt and the relationship will progress as required.

Taking these steps will ensure that you create the right first impression and that your business is regarded as professional and trustworthy, what a better way to create new business relationships.

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